About My Name: Ranal Currie

Let’s start with the pronunciation of my name.
The easiest way to explain it is to say that “Ranal” rhymes with “flannel.”

My parents have given me two explanations for my name:
(1) it's a combination of my grandfathers' names, Ronald and Alan
(2) it's from the Scottish name Clanranald

In either case, my mother preferred Ranal to Ranald, because she felt the "d" was too hard to pronounce at the end of my name.

My last name is Currie. Currie is a Scottish name, and can be found in most books about Scottish Clans and Tartans. However, the Currie name is often associated erroneously, in my opinion, with other clans, and even left out of some of these books.

The "Curries” are a clan separate unto themselves, and those who do not recognize them as such, are gravely misinformed. Again, in my opinion.


Ranal M. Currie

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