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Pursuing Your Dreams






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The following quotations are some of thoughts I shared with the staff of Lakeview Manor over my last five years there.

They were all original. I sincerely hope you will be enriched by them.



Pursuing Your Dreams

You must believe that no dream is too big. (15-Jun-2007)

Why do we cherish our comfort zones more than our dreams? (18-May-2007)

We forfeit ourselves to be like others. (29-Jun-2007)

How tragic when one's purpose falls short of one's potential. (19-Oct-2007)

What you really want from life is usually outside your comfort zone. (27-Jul-2007)

You must never, never believe that this is all there is. (16-Nov-2007)


It’s not all small stuff, but most of it is. Let it go. (21-Sep-2007)

The better you control your time, the better you will control your life. (7-Sep-2007)

Chances are that those who claim they can't, have never tried. (6-Apr-2007)

Every wise choice puts you one more step ahead of the crowd. (4-May-2007)

Hearsay is a poor substitute for the facts. (8-Aug-2008)

Why do we only listen to those who tell us what we want to hear? (22-Aug-2008)

Life is a constant battle between ignorance and enlightenment. (25-Jan-2008)

The heart that does not forgive slowly poisons itself. (2-May-2008)

Impossible is often just a bad synonym for "won't try". (5-Oct-2007)

The things that touch your heart, those are the important things. (25-Feb-2005)


Enthusiasm is the emotion that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. (27-Aug-2004)

If you don't love what you are doing, you are doing the wrong thing! (12-Aug-2005)

Be yourself. No one is better qualified. (15-Aug-2003)

Don't let your aptitude be diminished by your attitude. (20-May-2005)

Expect the best; accept no substitutions. (8-Sep-2006)

Willingness enhances ability. You decide whether or not you are willing. (13-Jul-2007)

You can't always change your situation; but you can always change your attitude. (22-Oct-2004)

Happiness is not so much something you find, as it is something you make. (20-Apr-2007)

Don’t worry, be optimistic. (24-Aug-2007)

Know this: those who expect the best often get it. (29-Jul-2005)

We must never lose the desire to improve. (3-Jun-2005)

In every instance, the best motivation is love. (22-Sep-2006)

The charm of the impossible is that it needs to be proven wrong. (20-Oct-2006)

If you are not doing it passionately, it can be done better. (16-May-2008)

There exists a strange power in expectancy. You usually get what you expect. (5-Nov-2004)

We must believe that we can make tomorrow better than today. (8-Feb-2008)


To do the right thing in the face of opposition is courage. Be courageous. (8-Oct-2004)

A promise not kept sounds very much like a lie. (21-Oct-2005)

Character is displayed by the way money is used. (7-Oct-2005)

All evil springs up from the seed of selfishness. (19-May-2006)

There is a power in the truth that liars will never understand. (22-Apr-2005)

Generosity is a condition of the heart… not the wallet. (24-Sep-2004)

What greater burden is there than to know what is right and not do it? (8-Apr-2005)


Work safely. You are your most important asset. (23-Apr-2004)

True service requires your ability, your ardour and your attendance. (18-Apr-2008)

If nothing is going right, chances are, neither are you. (3-Dec-2004)

Effectiveness is directly proportional to the clarity of the goal. (11-Jan-2008)

A problem well-stated is a problem half-solved. (19-Nov-2004)

Even the greatest intention, without action, is worthless. (7-Apr-2006)

Nothing attracts misfortune like exhaustion. (4-Apr-2008)

To err is human; repetition is strongly discouraged (2-Nov-2007)

Today I will seek excellence in everything I do. (12-Mar-2004)

If things are going poorly, change is always an option. (25-Aug-2006)

Remember: Everything you do... is a reflection of you. (3-Nov-2006)


Some people act friendly, other are friendly. Which are you? (4-Jun-2004)

It doesn't cost a dime to compliment someone. (30-May-2008)

If a man can dig a hole and a half in a day and a half, then a woman can do it in 20 minutes. (2-Jul-2004)

For peace of mind, forgive everyone, for everything, as often as is required. (16-Jun-2006)

Other Thoughts

Home is where the free food is… ask any stray cat. (9-Mar-2007)

If you can't raise the dead, don't bother trying to motivate the lazy. (28-Jul-2006)

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